Colour Grading

Outpost offers colour grading for film and television and has two networked grading suites. Our theatre has full stereoscopic (3D) capabilities and our 4k TV grade suite was designed with high-end drama and factual colour correction in mind. All rooms are equipped with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

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TV and Film Sound

With our television mix suite, editorial bays and master suite, Outpost has the fire-power to cover every genre. Our facilities include one ‘fully-floated’ recording area, which can accommodate three performers simultaneously. Our senior in-house mixer has the skill and experience to finish your project perfectly. Simons work has been nominated for BAFTAs and has won multiple awards.

Running the latest ProTools software connected through our shared storage system. This enables seamless movement of projects and media around the facility.

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Whether working in SD, HD, 2K or 4k the combination of Blackmagic’s Fusion, Adobe’s After Effects and FCP means we can offer the widest range of creative tools to help producers realise their artistic ambitions. Outpost’s state-of-the-art network infrastructure enable us to move projects seamlessly from any of our offline suites into our high-end picture finishing department.

For more information call Robin on 028 9099 1225


Both Outpost’s offline cutting rooms suits have the latest technology, natural light, client PC and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Outpost’s 32TB active storage solution forms the backbone for our cutting rooms and offers the ability to work on the same project in multiple suites simultaneously – very helpful for those high-pressure, fast turnaround projects where the deadline can’t be moved.

For more information call Robin on 028 9099 1225


Film, TV, drama, comedy or documentary, creating highly detailed cinematic soundtracks with a firm emphasis on narrative and creative thinking is where Outpost’s experienced and versatile sound team shine.

They’ll take care of every aspect of the sound post-production – including dialogue editing, ADR supervision, sound FX editing, sound design and Foley.

For more information call Simon on 028 9099 1225

Foley, ADR And Voice Recording

With a huge variety of props, microphones and surfaces we can provide the highest quality Foley for your production. We can record ADR as a crowd or commentary. We can link to other studios worldwide, offering connectivity via ISDN, Source Connect, Skype and phone patch.

For more information on ADR and VO call Simon on 028 9099 1225

Music Composition

Our classically-trained composer Matthew spends his time writing with artists, composing music, designing sound and mastering music for delivery. Matthew comes with a wealth of experience and has been producing and creating work for over 10 years.

For more information call Matthew on 028 9099 1225


Ad and Program Delivery Service

Streamline processes, cost effective, and generally making life easier Outpost can deliver online, VoD and traditional broadcast ads. We reduce deadline stress with faster and more reliable QC, making video ad and program delivery more efficient.

Full AQC Delivery Facility
Broadcast / Advertising Delivery
Full AS-11 Spec and onboarded with the BBC network


Our technical support offer the full range of services for film/TV broadcast. Whether it’s secure asset management, storage and distribution or quality control… we have the skills and experience to manage every step.

For more information call Robin on 028 9099 1225

Studio Hire

The studio is set up to do whatever you need be it motion or still photography. Use our furniture and props to enhance your video interview or set up your lifestyle shoot using the beautiful light.

Studio A
5m w 4.5m h 3m d / daylight / ground floor access

Studio B
20m w 4.5m h 40m d / daylight / elevator access

For more information call Camille on 028 9099 1225